Best DuroMax Electric Start Portable Generator-2018

Demand for electricity grows every day and people have become more dependent on this precious commodity more today than ever before. Agencies whose purpose is to produce and distribute electricity are finding it hard to feed the growing demand.Hence, it becomes imperative for individuals to have a means of back up just in case there is a power outage.

Generators are known to be the best alternative source of power compared to others because of their dependability. As long as it has the required fuel and no mechanical issues, you have a guaranteed source of electricity.

When it comes to generators, there are many models in the market and before making a decision to acquire one, it is important to have the needed knowledge on their features. The Duromax electric start portable generator is among the many types but this specific type is known for its unique distinctive features.

Best DuroMax Electric Start Portable Generator Review

The DuroMax XP4850EH with 3850 Running Watts/4850 Starting Watts Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator.

Features and performance

This model stands out from the rest, and it is considered to be the most powerful dual fuel generator which is perfect for a home backup. Its features include; a V-twin 7HP air cooled Duromax engine which is powerful and dependable for home or job use. Dual fuel technology which advantages you since you can use both gas and propane. Low oil shutoff sensors to protect the engine. Multiple power outlets to facilitate all the electric connections that you might need.

Its output is rated at 3,850 watts with a maximum of 4850 watts. To minimise the operation noise, it is fitted with heavy-duty frames which covers the motors. This generator is designed to run for long hours and it can run up to 10 hours on half a tank of gasoline.

Maintainance and warranty

The DuroMax XP4850EH generator is easy to maintenance. You can dismantle it to clean or for check-ups and assemble with ease too. Acquiring this generator, you can be assured of its longevity and it comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


When it comes to the best dependable generators the DuroMax XP4850EH provides you with something extra. With Solid-Fill tires that never run flat and handles that are up to standard makes it easy to move the generator. If you want a reliable and uninterrupted source of power, this is the generator to go for.

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