​classic brands ultimate full plush mattress 2018 Review

Product quality

Classic Brands Cool Gel is a luxury 14-inch memory foam mattress that’s designed for ultimate comfort and support. It’s fitted with the latest technology of memory foam and gel which provides users with a plusher and extra-comfy sleeping surface.


the mattress has a beautifully knitted waterfall edge-knit cover with complementary border that makes it stand out from other similar products. Its top layer consists of a 2-inch semi-porous Cool Gel memory foam material that adjusts to your body shape during sleep, and has a quicker recovery factor compared to other traditional memory foams.


just beneath this layer is another 2-inch memory foam section that provides added support. Including the 8-inch base layer that maintains material strength and durability of the layers. All these sections complement each other to bring you the ideal sleeping experience, while also reducing motion transfer.


Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress is made from visco-elastic memory foam material, whereby the cells are interlinked unlike the conventional closed cell foam structure. This makes it more breathable and plush than other regular mattresses.


the foam’s open-celled material structure is self-ventilating, meaning air passes throughout the mattress and disperses body heat evenly to regulate your temperature. The product is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

​In terms of dimensions

this mattress measures 84 x 72 x 14 inches and is shipped compressed from the manufacturer so that the box can easily fit through tight hallways and staircases. It’s also quality assured with a 25yr warranty; 10yrs full cover and 15yrs pro-rated.


​a) The foam material is body-contouring with the ability to mitigate pressure points and properly align your spine during sleep.

b) It comes with 2 Gel Pillows also included in the package.

c)The high-density aerated top layer promotes airflow while keeping the sleeping surface cool

d)Top gel-layer dissipates heat away from the body, thus creating a comfortable sleeping surface to prevent tossing and turning during the night.


This mattress has a list price of $499.00, though on Amazon you can get it at only $460.00 which translates to a saving of almost 8pct. It’s also been rated by the seller as 'Amazon’s Choice for Memory Foam Mattress’.


i)The mattress is a little bit more expensive compared other regular foams
ii)It’s heavy in weight

​Popular Questions

Is the mattress adjustable-base friendly?

Yes. Classic Brands Cool Gel can be paired up with an adjustable base if you want instead of the conventional bed frame, this will give you extra lifestyle and health benefits. Furthermore, it’s flexible and strong enough to maintain support and structure even after turning with the adjustable base.

How is the packaging done?

The mattress uses Smart Packaging technology that reduces carbon footprint during the shipping process. Besides, this advanced packaging technology allows the manufacturer to roll-pack the mattresses and ship them at 1/3 of the standard size. This means they can ship more products per delivery and greatly minimize the amount of carbon-emissions.

To conclude the Classic Brands Cool Gel Review

​this product is made from quality gel foam material that makes it ultra-comfortable and plush. It also comes with an extensive 25yr warranty cover from the manufacturer.

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