Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner Review 2018

What's the Best Kind of Air Conditioner for My Home?

 Frigidaire's Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner is ideal for cooling a room up to 250 square feet. It rapidly cools a room on hot days and the tranquil activity keeps you cool without keeping you wakeful.

This unit features mechanical rotating controls and best, full-width, 8-way air course control. The washable channel with the front, tilt-out access reducing the bacteria, room bad odors and other unappealing airborne particles for a good advantageous, more agreeable conditions. Low influence start-up that conserves energy and also saves you cash, plus another effortless restart consequently resumes working at its previous settings when control is restored. 

Easy Installation

Your purchase comes with a creased brisk mount window mounting unit for installing the ventilation system to the window. The window control which is worked in at the highest point of the unit ensures that the installation process is secure. The unit can be mounted to windows with a minimum stature of 14 inches and a minimum width of 23 inches. The included adjustable side panels can be easily stretched out to achieve the ideal fit for your window.

The AC unit is fitted with a 6.5 ft three-prong control rope which runs from a customary 115-volt outlet. So no extension lead or committed electrical circuit is required to get things up and running. 

Energy Star Rated

A key element of this ventilation system is its Energy Star rating. With its high Energy Efficiency proportion of 11.2, this makes it a standout amongst the most energy-effective models in its class.

Cooling Performance 

This mini-compact ventilation system has a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity which allows it to cool rooms up to 250 square ft, which equates to roughly 13 feet x 20 feet. This makes it suitable for small to medium-sized rooms such as a room or office.

An impressive component is its 8-way comfort control which lets you adjust the bearing of the wind current for ideal cooling control.

The dehumidification mode can diminish mugginess in your room by expelling moisture from the air at a rate up to 1.3 points for each hour.


The Ready-select electronic controls are situated in the focal point of the unit for snappy and easy one-contact activity of the considerable number of settings. The display features a temperature readout which displays the present temperature setting.

The full-work remote control gives you advantageous control of the considerable number of modes and settings, including the fan speed and temperature. The design of the remote control itself isn't aesthetically pleasing, however, practically it does the activity affirm.

Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner Controls Modes

The Frigidaire comes with an extensive scope of settings that give you plentiful control over the cooling yield.

It has three fans speeds (low, med, high) and three cool speeds. The fan just mode lets you use the fan without running the compressor pump, which can be a useful element for those cooler days.

Also, it carries several devoted modes that are designed to conserve energy. These modes are Auto Cool, Energy Saver, and Sleep. The Auto cool mode consequently adjusts the fan speed based on the present room temperature to give helpful hands-off activity. The Energy Saver econ mode is pre-set as the default setting for your benefit, so you have the energy saving benefits from the get-go.

It also features a 24-hour clock mode that gives you the alternative to set the aeration and cooling system to naturally kill On/at regular intervals, which is a further energy saving advantage of this model. 


This aeration and cooling system have a fresh air vent/exhaust control that exhausts stale air and dispenses fresh air into your space to adequately expel smelly odors for a more breathable atmosphere.

The spotless air ionizer specializes in expelling dust and different impurities from the air, which is useful for hypersensitivity sufferers. 

Manual: Frigidaire manual.
Certification: 1-year warranty. 4-year restricted warranty on the sealed system.


The Frigidaire Air Conditioner is an incredible compact AC unit which combines a position of safety design with a huge amount of awesome features and delivers viable, effective cooling execution to keep you cooled and agreeable. It's an impressive 11.2 Energy Efficiency Ratio makes this is a standout demonstrate in the window AC swarm, so your working costs will be lower than normal.

We rate this window unit as a wise decision to those in search of a calm, energy-productive compact window aeration and cooling system for a small room.

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