Live and Sleep Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress 2018 Review

​Live and Sleep is one of the most popular companies that sell mattresses online. These mattresses are designed to offer you required comfort throughout the night. In this article, we will discuss Live and Sleep Resort Ultra, King Size mattress. This mattress is highly appreciated for eco-friendly material and comfort sleep. Moreover, it is supported by twenty years warranty period. This extended warranty period proves the credibility and durability of this product. 

​If you are interested to know more about this mattress, you can visit the following Live and Sleep Resort Mattress review. It will focus on all the details including features, quality, and even the negative factors. You will get the answers to your queries as well. 

What Is Live and Sleep Resort Mattress?

Live and Sleep Resort Mattress Review is made to offer a perfect sleep. It comes with 2.5 inches of Premium air flow Visco foam, memory foam, and 8.5 inches of extra thick high density to offer a great support while sleeping. The foam used in this mattress is dense, deep, comfortable, and solid at the same time. This 12-inch mattress is made to offer a luxuriating feeling.

Visco foam will offer an ideal posture to your body. It will prevent all types of muscle pain and aches that you normally get while sleeping on a bad mattress. There is an inch of gel memory in the middle to improve the breathability of the mattress. The mattress has a flex cover that is made of soft material to offer optimal comfort. All the materials are the US certified. These materials have antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant qualities.

​Product Quality

The product comes with a cooler innovation. It is made of breathable and quality materials to offer optimum comfort. Latex and coils are not used in this mattress. It has soft flex cover that is removable and washable. The materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. It is supported by 30-day money back policy and twenty years warranty period. It is great for back, shoulder, and hip pain.


Live and Sleep Resort Mattress provides great quality sleep. It has a soft top and an unyielding bottom base. These are designed to offer right and even posture at ease. The memory foam gel between the top and bottom layers will act as a cushy barrier and will also enable the mattress to breathe and to remove the excess heat. Besides, you will get two free memory foam pillows to get support around your shoulders and neck. The combination of soft and firm can be ideal for all those who are suffering from stiff joints. The foam used in this mattress is independently tested for quality and safety.

The memory foam of this mattress will prevent the formation of body impressions. The cover will maintain hygiene. You can easily remove and wash it whenever required. It is lightweight and easy to transport.


Live and Sleep Resort Mattress is made of super quality material. The materials are breathable. They can keep your sleeping surface cool while keeping the excess heat away. It has a gel-infused foam layer to absorb the heat during the sleeping hours. There will not be any discomfort. It does not contain any chemical. This mattress offers a great support with springy open-cell foam and breathable cover. It is extremely responsive and has a bounce as well.


With this mattress, you will have tremendous support to your back and other joints. It is made for all body types and is able to provide a firm, nice and comfortable body posture. The product has twenty years warranty period. This mattress is odorless and chemical free.

​Some of The Cons

•  Sinking issues.
•  Does not expand fully.
•  Need to buy the box springs separately.


Live and Sleep Resort Mattress provides the required comfort and support. The layered design will keep your weight evenly throughout the mattress. You will get support for your back and shoulder and can have a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

​Popular Questions

​Question: What is the level of firmness?

Answer: Medium

Question: What is the warranty period?

Answer: This product has twenty years warranty period.

Question: Does it help to get relief from joint and shoulder pain?

Answer: Yes, this mattress is considered good for joint, back, and shoulder pain.

Question: Is the cover washable?

Answer: Yes, you can wash the cover. You can easily remove and wash the cover.

Question: Is it toxic-free?

Answer: Yes.

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