LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress 2018 Review

​Over the years, Lucid has manufactured a wide range of comfortable mattresses, mattress frames, and mattress toppers. However, the one kind that has gained extreme popularity in the recent years is the Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress. These mattresses come with 10 years of warranty and are available in various thicknesses (10, 12, 14, and 16 inches). The Lucid Gel Mattress review below would help you to comprehend the reasons behind the immense popularity enjoyed by the product. Read on to know more.

​What’s so special about the Lucid Memory Foam Gel Mattress?

​The Memory Foam Gel Mattresses marketed by Lucid offer greater comfort and support compared to the conventional innerspring mattresses. These gel mattresses would help you enjoy a more comfortable sleeping experience and are particularly beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to the pressure exerted by innerspring mattresses.

​Construction Overview

Lucid Memory Foam Gel Mattresses has a total of three foam layers along with a sturdy, but soft cover. The thickness of these layers would vary depending on the overall thickness of the mattress. The pointers below would help you learn more about the layers and cover. 

​The cover

​The mattresses come with a cover crafted out of Tencel fabric blend. The biggest pluses of this material are that it is breathable and allows the cover to regulate moisture.
Although the cover comes equipped with a zipper, which makes it technically removable, Lucid advises to avoid removing the cover. Beneath the cover, you will find another cover, which would be in direct contact with the layers of the mattress. That cover should never be opened.

​The gel foam

​The ventilated memory foam has gel beads infused in it, which allows the layer to successfully absorb and dispense heat. This ventilated design of the mattress helps in promoting temperature and airflow regulation. 

The bamboo charcoal foam

​As its name suggests, the layer gets manufactured both with charcoal and bamboo. These materials help in managing moisture and odors and are also instrumental in filtering allergens present in the air.

Supportive base foam

​This thick and high-density base layer of Lucid Gel mattresses has been designed for supporting the side and back sleepers and the large frames.

​Key features of the product

The gel mattresses from Lucid are made 1% of silver fiber, 9% of cotton, 5% of spandex, and 94% of polyester The silver-infused cover of the mattress boast anti-microbial properties and can be both removed and washed The special open cell technology ensures that the foam would be resilient and highly durable The gel beads used for making the mattress is good at capturing and distributing heat The mattress would complement all kinds of platforms (everything from beds with adjustable base to those with slatted base) The CertiPUR-US certification stands as the testimony of the amazing quality of the product

​Frequently asked questions

Question #1: Will I need to buy any special bed sheet for this mattress?

Answer: No, there’s no need of doing so. All standard bed sheets will fit the mattress. However, the best options are surely the ones with deep pockets. 

Question #2: Will I need to turn this gel mattress from time to time?

Answer: Yes, the mattress must be turned by 180 degrees. However, don’t commit the mistake of flipping the mattress over.

Question #3: Is the mattress suitable for just one specific sleeper type (stomach, back, or side)?

Answer: The foam layers of the mattress conform easily to the sleeper’s body. As a result, it allows people to sleep comfortably on it exactly in the way they want. However, some customer reviews do suggest that the mattress is particularly great for back and side sleepers.

Offers you’ll enjoy

Besides offering a warranty of as many as 10 years, the product also comes with a trial offer of 30 days. You will also love the way the mattress is shipped. It gets shipped in compressed form inside a specially designed box.


Other than offering amazing comfort when sleeping, the manufacturer has kept in mind various others aspects of the user’s health when designing and making this mattress. For instance, it is resistant to dust mites and allergens and enables amazing air circulation. Sleeping regularly on this mattress would help in getting rid of back pain caused by defective posture and would also improve your posture over time. All these along with the reasonable price of the product make it a great buy.

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