Signature Sleep Memoir  Memory Foam Mattress 2018 Review

​Are you looking to purchase a comfortable yet budget-friendly mattress?
 Are you looking for a high-quality material mattress with excellent features? 

If the answers are yes, look no beyond signature sleep memoir mattress. It is the one-stop destination that caters to the needs of every user. These mattresses are made up of foam. They come with excellent features. They are not too heavy on the pocket and thus budget-minded people can easily afford them. Features like firmness, motion isolation and pressure relief make it popular among its users. The below-mentioned review will assist you in getting to know more about its features and other aspects.

What do I need to know about Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress?

Signature sleep memoir mattress is manufactured keeping in minds needs of budget-minded people. It is easily affordable but in no way compromises the quality of the material. It is highly durable and at the same time delivers comfort. Memoir material in it can relieve the pressure by working on the pressure point areas. It can very well absorb the motion. The foam within the mattress helps in seeking sound and peaceful sleep.
The signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch Mattress in Queen size


​Its 4" top layer consists of Memoir foam. Next layer is made up of 8” foam of high density. This layer enables the mattress to provide comfort. It molds as per the natural shape of the body and offers a sound sleep. It comes with a soft textured cover. It is made up of permeable knit fabric. This cover is not removable.

Product Quality

The mattress has high-quality foam material. Though the product is within the budget range, no compromise is made in relation to its quality. CertiPUR-US certified foam makes it high in quality. It means the material used in its manufacturing is safe. It is eco-friendly product. No toxic chemicals are present in it. This mattress can be used by any age groups, even by the kids.


Signature sleep memoir mattress decreases the pressure on the body by working on body’s pressure points. It relieves the pressure from the shoulders, feet, and hips. It contours the body shape and provides great comfort. Irrespective of how much a user tosses and turns on the mattress, it manages to provide the utmost balance and support. It evenly distributes the weight of the user. No problem is encountered in association with heat retention.

Dimension- 80x60x12”
Weight- 68.2 pounds
Shipping Weight- 70.9 pounds


This mattress offers complete customer satisfaction by delivering them complete support and sound sleep. It has the strength to support a user or multiple users. Foam present contour’s the user’s body. This mattress has good motion isolation. All these features are offered at a very low price. Thus, it offers high-quality mattress at affordable prices that not only guarantee comfort but sound sleep.

Popular Questions

​Why should I purchase this mattress?
Signature sleep memoir mattress can solve all the mattress related problems that can cause hindrance during sleep hours. If a buyer is looking for an economical mattress of high quality, he should look no beyond this mattress. It is a one stop destination for all the mattress lovers.

Does it retain heat?

No, it does not result in heat retention. 

Is it difficult to maintain?

It is not at all difficult to maintain this mattress. Twice a year, rotating the mattress is required. It will prevent wear as well as sagging problems.

What about its adaptability related to different weight groups?

This mattress is heavy as well as light person friendly. It is strong and thick enough to bear any kind of weight. Those who are light in weight and side sleepers will also find this mattress very comfortable.

​What is the warranty period?

​​This mattress comes with 1 year limited warranty period from the date of purchase.

​What is the shipping procedure?

​This mattress is shipped in the compressed form. For convenience, it is rolled and then vacuum sealed.

Some of the Conclusion

This foam mattress is good for those who are budget-minded and do not want to compromise the quality of the mattress that can hinder their sleep hours. It is comfortable as well as enables good support. Since the manufacturing process is certified by CertiPUR-US, this mattress is value for money. It is eco-friendly and good for people of all the age groups. It provides support, requires minimum maintenance and delivers great comfort.

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