​​Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress 2018 Review

​Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler & More Supportive Than Memory Foam Mattress, Certi-PUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, Made in USA, Rated CR’s Best Buy Mattress

​Everyone appreciates the comfort that comes with a comfortable and supportive mattress. However, not everyone has a good experience shopping and buying the ideal mattress. For anyone looking for comfort and style all in one mattress, the market has a few good options. If you don't want to compromise on these features, this mattress is definitely your best bet. It is no wonder that it has caught the attention of many online shoppers. It also comes at a lower price.

​The mattress is the brainchild of two friends, Daehee Park and JT Marino. After JT Marino and his wife went through a mattress shopping nightmare as newly-weds, the idea to make and sell a universally comfortable was invented. The end result was an efficient mattress that has gain universal popularity.

Construction and Materials

The mattress is made of 10 inches of polyurethane foam. The triple layer foam forms the three top inches of the mattress. The foam used in the mattress is a formulation which makes it pressure-relieving. An important factor to note is that it does not contain latex foam, coils or memory foam. While it feels a bit like memory foam, the mattress has more bounce to it. Just below the triple layer is high-density support foam. The surface of the mattress is finished with a synthetic polyester blend.


​When shopping for a mattress, one of the important things on your priority list should be its quality and durability, especially if you are going to spend a lot of money on it. People who have bought mattresses by Tuft & Needle swear by its quality. Not only is it comfortable but it is also durable. One of the reasons why the mattress is becoming even more popular in the market is because it is pressure-relieving and supportive at the same time. It is also constructed in a way that it adapts to your body. The mattress is 100% made in the United States of America.

Key Features

One of the best features of the mattress is that it is made of T & N adaptive foam. This gives the mattress a bouncy feel, which is still supportive for all sleeping positions. The foam’s 10 inch thickness is also ideal when it comes to folding it and shipping it to the customer.

Another feature is the cool in temperature capabilities that come with the mattress. The gel and graphite components that are incorporated in the mattress’ construction make this possible. World leading scientists used this technique in constructing the mattress to ensure that it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Thanks to the materials used in making the mattress, it is also resilient and durable. Its resilience gives it the bounce that you feel when you sleep. The materials also make the mattress breathable.

Another important feature of the mattress is that it is designed to fit all frames. Whether you will sleep on the floor, or on a bed with a boxspring, adjustable frames, slated frames, the mattress can be adjusted to fit these different options. The mattresses also come in different


including twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes.

Popular Questions By Customers

​People intending to buy the mattress usually ask whether the mattress is made of latex or memory foam. While the mattress mimics some of the features in latex or memory foam mattresses, it is not made of these. In fact, the technology used in making the mattress improves on the features that come with other foam mattresses.

Offers and Warranties

​Anyone buying the mattress gets a 100-day free sleep trial. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty and a return policy. You can also look out for discounts and other offers when buying your mattress online.


​Finding the perfect mattress can be a challenge for many people. Not only are mattresses expensive, but some of them are not good quality. If you are thinking of buying a comfortable and supportive mattress, consider the benefits that come with the mattress. Not only does Tuft and Needle offer you an affordable price for a good mattress, but they also make shipping easy for you. All you have to do is order your mattress from the company and they will do the rest.

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